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Ep. 75 Build It As You Go with Beth Auguste

Ep.75 Build It As You Go with Beth Auguste

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Hearing other people’s stories is such a great way to learn, connect, feel inspired and motivated. It’s fun to see how people started in their health career, made the decision to create an online program, launched their program and then share what they’re doing now.

Today, we have another incredible guest and client, Beth Auguste, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, certified women’s fitness specialist and board-certified specialist in obesity and weight management. She shares her journey, what worked for her and how she implemented strategies to take action on her goal of creating and launching an online program.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Beth’s story of creating her private practice and leaving her job (and feeling the freedom to manage her time to work on her online program!)
  • What to look for when considering investing in a coach (I always say that you need to do your research and get referrals!)
  • The importance of having a community to support each other as you grow your business (especially others who are focused and determined too!)
  • The steps she took to fast track creating her program (and launched it in one month!)
  • How she knew her program didn’t have to be perfect and focused on being able to continuously update it (as she got feedback from members on how to improve it!)
  • How she showed up every day for her audience (and surpassed her enrollment launch goal!)

Beth’s story is an amazing example of taking action on her dream by creating, launching and selling an online program where she continues to support her clients, while working towards the life-work balance that she desires!

About Beth

Beth is a South Philadelphia-based registered dietitian nutritionist, certified women’s fitness specialist and board-certified specialist in obesity and weight management. She’s also a mom who juggles maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle while chasing an adorable but exhausting toddler and running a business. Beth understands that nutrition and healthcare advice can’t happen in a vacuum. Life will always get in the way of the perfect routine. Her recommendations meet you where you are and integrate creative, effective solutions that fit into even the busiest schedule. She is more than your nutritionist– she’s an advocate and supporter for your wellness. 

You can find her online here: BeWellwithBethPHL.com  or on Instagram: @bewellwithbeth

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