Ep.80 So You've Been Let Down - The Leveraged Practice

Ep.80 So You’ve Been Let Down

Ep.80 So You've Been Let Down


If you’ve been let down recently or in the past by a business coach, your mentor or by someone who ran a program that you joined, you’re not alone…

I’ve been talking with several health professionals lately who experienced being burnt by someone who took their money, and didn’t follow through with what they promised in their coaching sessions or program.

Today, we’re going to talk about the action steps to take to continue moving forward with your career, if you’ve invested in a coach or program that didn’t go well or you were let down by the results.

Here’s what I covered:

  • Giving yourself grace for that past experience (and how it doesn’t mean you give up!)
  • The two main things that people experience when they’ve been let down by a coach or program (and what to do to avoid these!)
  • Some things to takeaway if you didn’t get the attention or support you were promised (so you can do a better job with your clients in your online program!)
  • How to learn about the model they use in their business (you have to figure out the business strategies and systems that connect to you!)
  • What to consider when choosing a coach, mentor or program (and what to ask them so you do your due diligence!)

If you’ve been burnt or let down in the past from a coach, a mentor or a program, take these recommendations and tips so you can find that person that’s right for you!

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