Ep. 82 How to Launch in 30 Days - The Leveraged Practice

Ep. 82 How to Launch in 30 Days

Ep.82 How to Launch in 30 Days

How many ideas just get forgotten? They’re either left somewhere, rolled up in a crumpled ball and thrown into a garbage can – or they’re left in the back of our minds to do ‘someday’.

How many wonderful ideas are forgotten about that will heal, help and improve the lives of hundreds, thousands or even millions of people?

There are lots of things that get in our way of making our ideas happen, especially this year. If there’s been a year for obstacles or reasons to not take action, this is it.

But at the same time… if there’s been a year to push yourself forward, take action, make a difference and to bring a light to a world that needs it, this is the year.

Today, I’m talking about making your idea for an impactful, results-driven online program a reality – and giving you actionable strategy and practical advice on how to launch your program in 30 days!

Here’s what I covered:

  • What you need to start doing today (as part of your marketing efforts!)
  • What teaching Live will show you (since you’ll be continuously changing, improving and evolving your program!)
  • The answer to one of the biggest questions I hear (I share what camera and microphone I recommend!)
  • Where the value of your program really is (and how this is really what people are paying for!)
  • The importance of launching a beta program (and what to expect of this first launch!)

Using these key strategies, you can go from sitting at your desk staring at your notebook to actually teaching clients a month from now. If you implement these steps, you’ll take the action needed to launch and get your program out in the world in as little as 30 days!

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