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Ep. 83 Priorities To Succeed

Ep.83 Priorities To Succeed

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When you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, there are SO many things to do…and it can be very overwhelming!

Especially for those of us who haven’t been trained in marketing and sales. We’ve been trained in a health matter. We are experts, credentialed and experienced in a health issue. 

Being business owners on top of that can feel exciting, but also can be exhausting. 

Today, I’m talking about how to prioritize your limited time by breaking down the ‘non-negotiable’ parts of your life and business. If you’re struggling with your schedule and feeling overwhelmed, here are some action steps you can take today that will help!

Here’s what I covered:

  • What the first step is in figuring out what you need to focus on (it all starts with setting your personal priorities to take care of yourself!)
  • How to best split up your business work time (you can split up the work into 2 ‘buckets’!)
  • The business activities that should take up 50% of your work time (while the other 50% goes to product delivery, which may include one-to-one appointments!)
  • The 3 essential marketing and sales areas to consistently keep up with (with the #1 priority being sales conversations!)

If you can start by accepting that you cannot do it all at once, and you’re going to do your best to put your time into your top priorities, you’ll already start to feel less overwhelmed!

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