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Ep.85 3 Strategies to Work Less as a Parent-preneur

Ep.85 3 Strategies to Work Less as a Parent-preneur

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What does working less mean to you?

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you get the chance to define what it means.

For me, working less means working less hours throughout the work week, than I would in a full-time job. As a mother of three young kids, finding ways to work less while still achieving my goals has become even more important.

Today, I’m sharing three critical strategies that I use and teach my clients, as well as my team in order to be successful as entrepreneurs – while finding that life-work balance that we each want. Whether you’re a parent or not, you can implement these strategies right away to move away from overwhelm and towards being efficient with our limited time.

Here’s what I covered:

  • What working less looks like for me (and how much has changed from the 60-hour work weeks I used to do!)
  • How I use time blocking and batching, including examples of what I block time for first (using a big calendar!) 
  • Ways to start with hiring and delegating (so you end up being more effective while working less in your business!)
  • Taking an honest look at your current business model and whether it allows you to decrease your work time while also increasing your income (now, more than ever, you can successfully bring your expertise online with an online program!)

I know how easy it is to get caught up in everything that needs to be done every minute of the day. By implementing these strategies, you can start to free up time to spend with your family or yourself, and you’ll also end up being more efficient with your client care!

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