Ep.91 $100K to $500K Part 1: The People - The Leveraged Practice

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Ep.91 $100K to $500K Part 1: The People

Ep. 91 $100 to $500K Part 1_ The People 3


It’s our last episode for 2020 – and it has been an adventure this year! 

I’ve been doing a series on taking my online group program business from zero dollars to reaching $500K in sales. 

In the last two episodes of this series, I talked about how I first focused on just making money, then moving up to that six figure mark by delegating and putting more systems in place – and then over this past year I invested energy, time and money into scaling our business, so that we could help more people.

Today, I’m talking about the first main component that was essential to growing the business to $500K in sales this year. I’ll be breaking down the importance of having a team, how I began to bring in support and who we have on our amazing TLP team!

Here’s what I covered:

  • How I had to shift my thoughts around what I thought I was capable of, what my fears were and what risks felt too big (which led to hiring a mentor and seeking a supportive community!)
  • My journey with bringing in people to support the business (I began with volunteers as part of a mentorship program!)
  • How having people on your team as early as possible will free up your time to do more of what only you can do (but you need to hire with a plan!) 
  • The benefits of hiring full time permanent employees (although it was scary to know that no matter what was happening in the business, I would be responsible for paying their salaries!) 

As we head into the new year, take time to reflect on what is really holding you back from growing your business to reach the number of people that you want to support and the income you desire for your life. No matter what business growth and income phase you are in right now, you can always reach the next phase in 2021!

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