Ep.92 $100K to $500K Part 2: The Scaled Model - The Leveraged Practice

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Ep.92 $100K to $500K Part 2: The Scaled Model

Ep. 92 $100 to $500K Part 2_ The Scaled Model (1)


We’re back with the last part of the series where I’m walking you through my journey from being a sole proprietor to building an established business that’s grown significantly, moving from zero dollars to $500K in sales, and on our way to making even more impact in the world in 2021.

In the last three episodes of this series, I talked about how I first focused on just making money, then moving up to that six figure mark by delegating and putting more systems in place and then over the last year I invested energy, time and money into building a team with full time employees, so that we could scale the business and help more people.

Today, I’m talking about four actions that were key to scaling the business last year to reach $500K in sales. These included evaluating the duration of our program, continuing to serve our clients, adopting a referral strategy and running paid ads.

Here’s what I covered:

  • The steps I took to hit that six figure income mark (and how glad I was that I was building my own business and wasn’t only depending on freelance work!)
  • How I took time to reflect on what was blocking me (and what I did to commit to my big vision!) 
  • What changes I made to continue supporting my clients (by increasing the duration and value of my program!) 
  • The process we built around client renewals (and how we wanted to keep supporting them as they continued to update and relaunch their online programs!)
  • How we focused on building a referral program into our business (and show our clients how to do the same!) 
  • Accessing a larger audience by running paid ads (and being able to bring thousands of new people into our world!)

Last year was definitely a challenge and a time for growth. I was able to overcome some blocks and grow the business to reach new milestones. My goal for this year is to continue influencing the health industry as a whole, touching as many health professionals, practitioners and clinicians as we possibly can – to help them construct a business model and a life that doesn’t have them burning out with one to one clients, and instead build a research based, results driven online program!

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